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Scott Douglas from Black Lime has been an active member of the Auckland Business Chamber since 2022. His business, Black Lime, focuses on two main areas: creating promotional and advertising video content and producing internal communications such as training and induction videos. Scott’s experience with the Chamber has been transformative, providing his business with invaluable networking opportunities and access to a diverse community of businesses and the people within them.

Why He Joined:
Scott joined the Auckland Business Chamber because of the unique networking opportunities it offers. He emphasises the importance of connecting with individuals he might not meet in his regular work. For Scott, the Chamber is a game-changer, enabling him to expand his network and discover new business prospects.

The Chamber’s Role in Networking:
Scott sees the Chamber as a centralised hub, a one-stop-shop for making valuable connections. While busy with day-to-day tasks, the Chamber’s events help businesses like Black Lime connect and network without the need to search for opportunities individually. This convenience and efficiency are major advantages for Scott.

Engaging with the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards:
One of the standout events for Scott has been the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards. Through the power of networking, the Chamber first connected with Scott, leading to his role as our official videographer for the Awards. His skills, creativity, and ability to bring our vision to life have been invaluable. In turn, the Awards have provided Scott with a platform to connect with numerous businesses, gain inspiration from their work, and explore potential collaborations.

Seeing the Bigger Picture:
What excites Scott the most about these events is the diversity of businesses represented. He often discovers businesses working on similar projects, which opens up opportunities for collaboration that he wouldn’t have known about otherwise. For Scott, it’s eye-opening to witness the innovation and creativity of other businesses in the community.

The Real Value of Membership:
Scott sees real value in these networking opportunities. Being able to connect with hundreds of other business professionals multiple times a year is an incredible advantage. He believes that you never know where those connections might lead, and that’s what makes the Chamber so valuable. It’s not just about the immediate benefits but also the long-term relationships and opportunities that can arise.

Looking Ahead:
As Black Lime continues to grow and evolve, the Auckland Business Chamber remains a crucial part of their journey. The access to powerful networking situations, the chance to see what other businesses are doing, and the collaborative opportunities that arise are all reasons why Scott values his Chamber membership so highly.

Scott firmly believes that joining the Chamber has been one of the best decisions for Black Lime. The support, connections, and opportunities provided by the Chamber have been instrumental in their growth and success. Scott looks forward to many more years of connection and growth with the Auckland Business Chamber, knowing that it will continue to play a key role in their journey. The Chamber is proud to support members like Scott and Black Lime, helping them thrive by providing essential connections and opportunities for growth.

Interested in becoming a member? 
By being part of the Chamber, you can connect, learn, grow, and contribute to our influential voice for business advocacy. Join us at the Auckland Business Chamber and unlock the full potential of your business, just like Belinda did with Belinda Bullock Photography.  


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