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Why become a Chamber Mentor?

When you become a Chamber Mentor you help grow tomorrow’s leaders. Whether you’re still in business or have moved on to new challenges, the experience and learnings that you gained throughout your career are incredibly valuable and it can be used to help others.

Your expert advice can help positively influence the future of a local, Auckland business and the team of people behind it.

Who are Chamber Mentors for?

Chamber Mentors are from any business, of any size, from any sector.  Entrepreneur’s, small business owner’s, and CEO’s, understand that having a mentor is critical for them and their business’ development.  Getting a Chamber Mentor provides them with ongoing business support that’s tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Business leaders who seek a mentor are looking for business ideas as well as business growth, new venture, developing strategies or good business advice.

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How it works



Apply to become a Mentor, fill in the application and answer the questions. This will become your profile and helps our team match you with a client who is looking for mentor to guide them to achieve their goals.


Matching is a critical component in the mentoring process. Our dedicated Business Advisor will discuss with the client the outcomes they want to achieve and match the client with a mentor based on the criteria.


Meet in person or digitally to set goals and direction. Depending on how you are set to mentor, set a few different types of goals for your client: habit forming goals, reach goals and stretch goals, as well as setting up how often you want to meet. During the mentorship, these goals will guide the mentoring process.


The client will need to update the Mentor on their progress, successes, and new obstacles they are facing. Through this process you can help your client re-shape their strategy.


The clients business you have mentored will have grown and changed; it’s time for them to see if there is another mentor with a different skillset to be able to achieve a different set of goals.

What do our Mentors say?

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