Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Get a Mentor

Getting a Mentor

Want to do better in business? Mentoring is an opportunity to invest a wealth of experience into your business.  Gain support, advice, and mentorship from a trusted, local business professional today and watch your business grow.  

Find out how to apply and empower your business with our personalised mentor matchmaking experience, today. 

Your investment for 1 year’s mentoring is $200 +GST.

Becoming a Mentor

Share your knowledge and time with an aspiring leader, who’s looking for guidance. Becoming a mentor is a great way to stay in touch with and give back to the New Zealand business community. 

Learn how your expertise can guide others to business success, today.

Become a mentor

Gift a Mentor

The Auckland Business Chamber has been supporting business for over 165 years.  We understand how valuable it is for business owners to have support, guidance, and knowledge to succeed.

If you have someone in mind who would benefit from a mentor, you can gift this service by purchasing a 12 month Chamber Mentor voucher.

It’s simple, click Gift a Mentor below and make a payment of $200+GST which provides them with 12-month’s of mentorship.

You will receive an e-voucher that can be sent to you as a gift voucher.

Case Studies

The Chamber Mentors help many businesses get off the ground through refining their strategies, systems, and processes, and identify opportunities and risks. This gives businesses clarity when it comes to decision-making and handling more work going forward.  

We want to share some of those success stories with you and how a mentor’s knowledge, experience, and skills have fast-tracked their growth and helped them find personal and business success. 


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