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No matter what stage of business you’re in – We have a range of business packages to suit all business needs from entrepreneur to sole traders, from SMEs to corporates.  By becoming a member you will gain access to essential services, events, and tools that will help you grow, overcome adversity, build employment practices, and become more productive and profitable. 

The Auckland Business Chamber is committed to providing business the best platform off which business can operate. 

Become a Member

Becoming a Chamber member is just good business! Whether you are a start-up, a connector, an innovator, a marketer, a networker, or an entrepreneur – the Chamber is the perfect place for you.

We are here to provide the best platform off which business can operate. Whether you want to be heavily engaged or you want a softer approach, by being a member you have access to a range of services to suit your business needs.

The Chamber is for businesses of all activity levels and always will be. Your membership is what you make of it, and we know you will see the value in belonging to such a diverse group of people, businesses and networks. We are here when you need us, through the good times and the hard times – continue your story with us!

Chamber Members
Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

With our help, you can do business better. From building valuable connections to accessing expert tools and resources, saving on common expenses and finding new, skilled employees. As a Chamber member, you’re giving your business the best chance to succeed. 

Find out more about how to join and the benefits you’ll receive. 

Member’s Lounge

The Member’s Lounge is where you’ll find helpful tools and information to take your business from strength to strength. From employing new staff, managing difficult conversations or planning the future of your organisation, access professionally made resources and get the right support, when you need it. 

Member's Lounge

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