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Welcome to The Auckland Business Chamber

Auckland Business Chamber is part of New Zealand’s largest business network organisation and part of the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce network. Successful business ensures there are vibrant and successful communities, and the Chamber contributes to this through their support and advocacy that delivers the best platform from which business can operate.

Auckland Business Chamber has worked with business within NZ for more than 160 years – they are there when start-ups emerge and work with established businesses, trading locally and on the world stage.

Auckland Business Chamber is a membership-based organisation and part of a network of more than 13,000 Chambers of Commerce internationally.

Our Offering

The Auckland Business Chamber offers a wide range of business support solutions including:

  • Free business 0800 advice line/resources/HR support
  • Networking opportunities through events
  • Assisting exporters with documentation
  • Celebration through the Business Awards
  • Employment and Recruitment services
  • Chamber mentors
  • Buying privileges
  • Business Training and technology workshops
  • Business connection platforms
Auckland Business

Our Mission

To provide the best platform off which business can operate in Auckland.

We do this by positively influencing the environment in which businesses operates and providing opportunities, events, products and services that improve business success.

Our Charter

The Auckland Business Chamber is a voluntary association of companies and individuals engaged in business activities in the Auckland region.

It is dedicated to the development of international, national and regional trade through – freedom of enterprise for those who by their individual and corporate talents contribute real economic, social and cultural wealth to the community.

The development of a market economy in which there is minimal interference from central and local government.

The strengthening of Auckland’s place as New Zealand’s pre-eminent commercial, industrial and communications centre.

Assisting the development of the region in creating a desirable commercial and industrial environment for its citizens.

We Are Part of a Community.

Being a member of the Chamber brings you closer to thousands of other businesses who share the same environment as you, in which they are doing business. Our role is to make sure that platform, is the best for business, and the opportunity you have is to leverage off this network you are now a part of.

Our role means listening to you and identifying the barriers that prevent you from optimising your business performance – we listen and then become a voice to Government for change.

Your opportunity is to network with other businesses at our events and awards and learn from them or do business with them. The possibilities are endless but the partnership you create through supporting the Chamber is good for everyone.

We have been a part of Auckland for over 160 years, we have supported thousands of businesses and do so because we are good at it and get results.

We look forward to working with you.

Business Support

Help and Support

We’re here to help. From local business advice to trading on the world stage, the Auckland Business Chamber is open to the general public for all types of business, employment and trade enquiries.

You can call, chat, email or message us to find expert help.

Our Website

In July 2021 the Auckland Business Chamber launched a new website, built by Mantis Digital.  Mantis Digital are a digital agency in Auckland and Tauranga who create and maintain high performance WordPress websites through user experience focused design & development, intelligent analysis and continuous improvement.

They strategically partner with businesses and create intelligent website solutions to boost their bottom lines.


Awards, Programmes and Scholarships

2degrees Auckland Business Awards

The Business Awards recognises a number of categories to celebrate the accomplishments of business.

The Lion Foundation Youth
Enterprise Scheme

Proudly presented in partnership with the Auckland Business Chamber, YES is a programme aimed to encourage and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

The Michael Barnett

Established in 2016 to recognise aspiring leaders who use their voice to better serve the New Zealand business community.

Our Alliance Partners

Are You Ready to Join Us?

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