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Market Focus

Here you can find Market-specific updates and information for trading with some of New Zealand’s largest markets. Stay up to date on important changes like import procedures that affect New Zealand and find support from our library of resources and internationally focused events.

Our current lens includes impact of Russian invasion of Ukraine, UK, EU, China & US access, Egypt Customs changes, & Trans-Tasman Trade

Irrespective of your target market, it’s important to tick the basics off first. Find out how to successfully grow your business, in any international market, below.

Impact of Russian invasion of Ukraine on New Zealand exports

Update 22 April 2022

The indirect impact for New Zealand traders are many, not the least being transport and supply chain disruptions and rising costs.

Click here for information Sanctions on Trade with Russia, Update on Sanctions, Indirect impacts of trade UK and EU and important information to consider when navigating the flow on effects on New Zealand’s trade.

Trading with the EU and UK

The EU is New Zealand’s largest source of imports and our third-largest export market. The UK is our 6th largest trading partner and an important importer of New Zealand food products.

Since January 2021 exporting to the EU and UK requires New Zealand exporters to comply with separate regulatory authorities and entities. Points to consider when exporting to either the EU or UK and links to key agencies are available below.

Transtasman Trade

Trans-Tasman Trade

Australia is New Zealand’s closest trading partner, both in terms of geography and alignment of business expectations. Whilst both governments have committed to creating a seamless trans-Tasman economic environment (building on the foundation of the 1983 CER), entering the Australian market presents a number of challenges, not the least the different regulatory compliance regimes in each state.

Our Trans-Tasman website and contacts with Australian Chambers of Commerce support exporters with a platform and information to help identify future trading partners, in a trusted environment.


Are you ready to enter the US market and get established? Trading with the US market requires focus and commitment. This was emphasised by speakers at the Doing business with the US workshop held in March 2021, where they highlighted:

  • the necessity of making a full commitment, resisting the temptation of shortcuts
  • the importance of engaging specialist legal and accounting advisors located in the USA (often multiple) and
  • the benefit of working with targeted logistics providers.


New import procedures for seafreight arriving in Egypt  mandatory from 1 October 2021.  New Zealand exporters are advised to register now.  Registration includes a validation process, so allow several days for the process.  Prepare ahead.

To ensure that you have the information you need and trade successfully, read the full breakdown of the key points below.


NZ-China FTA: We have been advised that when declaring goods are packaged in cartons, bales, boxes, bags and other similar types of outer packaging, the use of the unit of measurement NMB (Number) in Box 12 is no longer accepted. The correct unit of measurement for these types of outer packaging is NMP (Number of Packs). NMB should be used for large, single-storage items such as a car or heavy machinery.

PORT CLOSURES: Disruption from the on-going COVID related China port and/or warehouse closures continue to exacerbate. Keep in close contact with your freight forwarder and shipping company. Impacts have included import e-procedures reverting to paper documents and Certificates of Non-Manipulation being requested for cargo off-loaded at interim ports for later on-shipment.

NEW PREMISES AND LABELLING REQUIREMENTS 1 JANUARY 2022 for China Registration of New Zealand Food and Beverage Processing Premises, learn more.    MPI presentation April 2022

NEW ZEALAND CHINA FTA upgrade and Certificate of Origin applications click here

CHINA CUSTOMS GUIDE FOR EXPORTERS TO CHINA: Regulatory information, assessment tools and online registration, click here.

CHINA BUSINESS SUMMIT: Facilitated by NZ Inc, with the support of the Auckland Business Chamber, bringing together business leaders in the public and private sectors. 2022 date coming soon. For an overview of the previous summits please click here.

China Business Summit

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