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Trading with Egypt

As of 1 October 2021, there’s a new mandatory procedure for sea freight exports to Egypt.

Here are the key points:

  • New Zealand exporters are required to register on CARGO X – look for details & registration link under ‘Advanced Cargo Information – ACI Information tab’ on the NAFEZA website.
  • Each Consignment will be allocated an ACID number (a 19 digit unique reference number per consignment) New Zealand exporters will be required to provide importers with a Proforma Invoice to enable the ACID number to be allocated.
  • All export documents, including Bill of Lading, will require the ACID Number on them.
  • New Zealand exporters to upload their export documents into the Egypt Customs trade window NAFEZA via CARGO X. There is a cost for exporters per consignment.
  • Documents uploaded via CARGO X do not need to be legalised by the Egyptian Embassy.
  • Chambers of Commerce electronically issue Certificates of Origin, however, associated export documents (Commercial Invoice etc) no longer required to be certified.
  • Shipping Companies are required to upload Bills of Lading with the ACID number.
  • A pilot has been conducted since April 2021 with refined procedures now released.  The pilot has been extended until 30 September 2021.

Full details on the new procedures can be found here – NAFEZA

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