Employment Programmes

It’s All About Attitude

We have been supporting people into jobs, strengthening business, and strengthening the community since 2001.

We are immensely proud to be delivering work readiness support programmes to people seeking employment. These programmes are in partnership with government and free to employers and job seekers.


CadetMax is a youth employment service that prepares and supports young people (18-24) into work. We provide fun and effective work readiness training, great career advice, and providing them tools needed to thrive in the workforce.

We will help you:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Create or update your CV
  • Shine in a job interview
  • Plan for the future
  • Organise industry-specific training (e.g Site Safe, First Aid)

And best of all, we will use our network to help you find an awesome job!


Join the Auckland Business Chamber’s Education to Employment (ED&EM) service as a participating employer, valued mentor, or coach today.  Help us prepare school leavers for the workforce with sound advice and practical experience!

Through ED&EM, your business can:

  • Promote your industry and its benefits to the next generation
  • Help grow the local workforce with work-ready youth
  • Have a meaningful impact on young lives
  • Support the growth of successful communities
  • Access local talent


People with a full or restricted drivers’ licence are SEVEN times more likely to apply for jobs.

We provide an effective 3-day learner course that makes understanding the road code and passing the test much easier. Our pass rate is 98% the first time.

We also provide driving assessments, lessons, and test bookings for those ready to sit their restricted and full licence.

New Kiwis

New Kiwis is a web-based service that helps employers find skilled staff with international experience and qualifications at no cost.

At New Kiwis employers can post vacancies online or search the CVs of hundreds of skilled migrants who are living in New Zealand and eligible to work here.

Employers – can’t find the right person locally? No problem – the New Kiwis team is in contact with job seekers from all over the world that are eager to work in New Zealand.

Contact us with your vacancy and we will shortlist suitable candidates at no cost.

Positive Pathways

Positive Pathways supports people with a medical condition back into work. We provide training that builds on your skills and strengths, help you find a job that suits you, and provide ongoing support and mentoring.

And you will meet other great people who are taking the challenge to start work again.

Ready to Role

Ready to Role will fast-track you back into work! This is a short intervention service to help you land that next job.

If you have been made redundant or lost work due to COVID19 we are here to help.  Meet with one of our recruitment specialist’s to help you figure out the next steps; whether it be for career advice, a brand new CV, or to brush up on your interview skills.  We may also assist with a new industry qualification and direct links to our network of job vacancies.

We have Ready to Role staff in Manukau, Waitakere, Takapuna and Auckland Central.

Prep for Work

Preparation for Work is a 3 – week work readiness programme for adults looking to work in any of the following industries; building and construction, administration, hospitality and retail, security, warehousing and aged care.

You will develop an industry standard CV, confidence, and support to job hunt effectively.

Best of all, we work with you to connect you to a great job opportunity in your field!

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