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Welcome to our informational page for Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network service providers.

RBP Platform Guide

In this document you’ll find guides to the RBP platform. Learn how to update your migrated services, register as a service provider, create a service, and make a claim and invoice.  

Service Provider Proposal Guide

Give your client and our business advisors the right information to make an informed decision about the service you’re offering. This slide deck covers the purpose of a proposal why it’s important, and the dos and don’ts.

Service Provider Proposal Template

Fill in this template when sending a service provider proposal to your client. This helps our business advisors understand what you propose to deliver, and to cross-check the proposal with the action plan and approve the funding.

Top tips from Auckland Business Chamber advisors

How do I register as a service provider?

Register as a service provider on the RBP website.

You’ll need 15 minutes to register and add your first service. Make sure you have your New Zealand Business Number and valid professional indemnity insurance.

Applicants must also complete, sign and date their service contract, then upload the contract with T&Cs for the RBP team to review.

Learn more: RBP How to Guide, page 5

Why has my service been rejected?

Below are some common reasons the RBP team has pushed back when providers register services on the new platform (Deny a Service). This was communicated by the RBP team via their regular email updates:

  • Management Capability services must be training or coaching.
  • Please make sure your service descriptions include sufficient detail about the advice you are giving or the management capability outcomes (learnings) from the service.
  • Hourly rate – this is not the total cost of the service.
  • For Management Capability Services, this needs to be an average hourly rate.
  • Please DO NOT remove the TIME COMMITMENT – RBP still requires a time commitment for Management Capability services to be included in the Service Description field.
  • Specific software/programme training such as Xero is not eligible for funding.
  • They do not fund website design or builds or business as usual accounting services.

Contact: [email protected]

What can I say about the RBP in my business's communication and advertising?

On the RBP website there is a communication guideline for service providers. It covers advertising a registered service, advertising about your business and newsletters and publications.

Learn more: RBP website

How can I access service provider support?

The RBP team can help with any service registration queries, platform issues and general RBP network questions. To allow advisors to continue to focus on supporting businesses with their current needs, please direct all questions to the RBP team.

Contact: [email protected] 

How do I know when my client has registered with RBP?

You’ll need to confirm directly with your client whether they’ve registered with RBP; they’ll receive a notification when they’ve successfully registered.

If a client has previously registered with RBP, they can request that a new assessment be created by emailing the Auckland Business Chamber support team at [email protected].

What are the steps for Auckland clients to access the funding?

The first step is for your client to register on the RBP website. If they are already registered, please ask them to email the Auckland Business Chamber support team at [email protected].

Once your client has registered on the RBP platform they will receive a confirmation email from the RBP team.

The Auckland Business Chamber support team will also send a welcome email from [email protected]. Your client will be asked to complete a pre-meeting survey regarding their needs and identify whether they have a provider in mind.

Completing this pre-meeting survey is a pre-requisite to meeting with an Auckland Business Chamber advisor.

Once my client has registered on the RBP what happens next?

Your client will receive an email from the RBP team to confirm their registration. Once we have received their registration details form the RBP team, the client will receive an email from Auckland Business Chamber with a request to complete our pre-meeting survey regarding their needs and identify whether they have a provider in mind.

New registration queries and Auckland Business Chamber pre-meeting survey queries: [email protected]

How is the value of the funding determined?

The funding value is discussed and agreed between the business and the Auckland Business Chamber business advisor during their initial meeting.

Factors taken into account include:

  • Value for money
  • The most urgent need for the business
  • Other services the business may also be looking for
  • Previous funding accessed by the business
  • Availability of funding from the RBP

Contact: [email protected] or 0800 543 543

My client was previously declined funding; can they get support now?

There are numerous reasons your client’s application may have been declined. For example, the service they want support for may not be funded or their business may not meet the eligibility criteria or the fund may no longer be open to new applications.

If they do meet eligibility requirements, your client will need to be reassessed by an Auckland Business Chamber business advisor to determine whether they can access funding. Please ask your client to email the Auckland Business Chamber support team at [email protected] to get their application underway.

Can I apply for funding for my own business?

Yes, but not for areas you already provide expertise in. For example, if you provide expertise in marketing, you can’t apply for funding for the marketing strategy service, but you may need support in financial forecasting. You’ll need to clearly articulate why you need funding, and what the funding will help you achieve.

Contact: [email protected] or 0800 543 543

Why are there new Terms and Conditions for service providers?

With the move to MBIE, a change has been made to the Service Provider Terms and Conditions, replacing any reference to the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) with Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). From 10 August 2021, a new screen will appear when you log in – a copy of the new T&Cs will be available to download, read, and agree. You will also be asked to upload a copy of your professional indemnity insurance to be stored on the platform. You have until 30 September to upload your professional indemnity insurance and agree to the new T&Cs.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to provide the proof of insurance, we will not be able to offer you RBP service to customers.

New service providers who registered after 1 July 2021 will have signed the MBIE T&Cs.

This will become an annual process for all RBP service providers. If you have any questions, contact the RBP team.

Contact: [email protected]

How do I access the old RBP platform?

The legacy RBP website is no longer available. For any queries please contact the RBP team.

Contact: [email protected]

Which price type should I select when I create a new service?

You can only select ONE option per service. Once this selection has been made, you will not be able to edit the price type.

  • Under PER BUSINESS, only private events can be created.
  • Under PER PERSON, public or private events can be created.

Contact the RBP team if you require further guidance on price types.

Contact: [email protected] 

How do I create an event?

DO NOT create an event in the new RBP platform unless this has been requested by one of the business advisors for funding already agreed upon. 

Events are a one-off delivery of your registered service. Keep and eye out for the regular communications from the RBP team on how to create an event.

Learn more: RBP How to Guide, page 6

Can I complete the RBP registration and the Auckland Business Chamber pre-meeting survey on behalf of a client?

Please do not complete the registration process or the Auckland Business Chamber pre-meeting survey on behalf of your clients, as they both require acceptance of Terms and Conditions that can only be agreed to by the business itself, not the service provider.

Contact: [email protected] or 0800 543 543

Funds available from RBP and Callaghan Innovation

Management Capability Development Fund

Supports training courses, workshops or 1:1 sessions to improve the management capability of owners of small to medium-sized businesses. These services are funded up to 50% and up to a maximum of $5000 per business in any one financial year.

Eligibility criteria apply.

Innovation/R&D Support Programmes

For businesses planning to grow through innovation, or investing in R&D in the areas of science and technology, our specialist advisors can help businesses access the right advice, contacts and programmes, including funding through Callaghan Innovation.

Eligibility criteria apply. 

Contact: [email protected]

How do I create a service for the Management Capability Development Fund?

All Management Capability Development Services that are funded from the Management Capability Development Fund will need to be registered under the Management fund in the new RBP platform.

Learn more: RBP How to Guide, page 6

What is the service provider eligibility for the Management Capability Development Fund?

The RBP team manages the eligibility criteria for service providers. The best place to check for the most up-to-date information is the link below.

Learn more: Refer to Service Provider Eligibility, page 3

What services are eligible for the Management Capability Development Fund?

The areas of support that businesses may be able to access through the Management Capability Development Fund range form business sustainability, capital raising and marketing through to export. Note that the services are for management coaching and training services. Engaging with a business mentor is encouraged but there is no funding for this service from the Management Capability Fund.

Learn more: Access information on the types of training services eligible for this fund

How do I submit a claim or invoice?

Below are some claim and invoicing tips from the RBP team:

  • For all claim or invoicing queries please contact the RBP team.
  • When you make a claim, the amount(s) on your invoice must match exactly to the Purchase Order numbers you have selected for each claim. If these do not match, the payment is held up and it takes time to remedy.
  • Remember to include your Purchase Order number on your invoice. This can be found on your ‘available claims’ table – please take note of it before preparing to generate your invoice.
  • Once a claim has been paid (the claim will have to be in your ‘paid’ tab), at which point the claim returns to your ‘available’ tab. There may be some time delay (1-7 days) between payment and your claim being visible again.
  • You only have 2 months to submit a claim after the end date of your event; please make your claims within this timeframe or the funding will be returned to the RBP.
  • RBP has received invoices that include both Voucher Codes and Purchase Order numbers. Please ensure Voucher Codes and Purchase Order numbers are on separate invoices. Email all voucher-related invoices to [email protected]. Any Purchase Order to be claimed must be done so through the new platform.
  • If you would like to double check that your invoice is suitable before submitting it, email [email protected].

Learn more: RBP How to Guide, page 8

Have any questions? We’re happy to help

For specific advice and access to government support that is currently available please contact 0800 543 543  or email your enquiry to [email protected]

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