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Business Councils

Working together, for better business outcomes.

Building strong relationships is fundamental to success in life – and in business, it is no different. 

Our International Trade team work closely with the following business organisations. Developing collaborative responses between the private and public sectors in specialist sectors and cross-border environments, to benefit your business. 

Trade Works

NZUS Council

New Zealand Beverage Council

NZ Pacific Economic Cooperation

French NZ Chamber of Commerce

NZ PNG Business Council

NZ Fiji Business Council

New Zealand China Trade Association

New Zealand Pacific Business Council

The New Zealand Brazil Business Chamber

New Zealand Tonga Business Council

International Business Forum
(Trade Works)

Launched in June 2007, NZIBF brings together business leaders from some of New Zealand’s largest internationally oriented companies together with the country’s peak business organisations.

Collectively, these business leaders from the dairy, meat, seafood, kiwifruit, apples, pears, wine and services industries represent companies and sectors with a combined turnover in excess of $30 billion. The business organisations represent New Zealand’s export, manufacturing and services sectors.

NZIBF is the only forum where these multi-sector leaders gather to discuss strategic trade and investment issues.  The Board meets four times a year and directs NZIBF’s work programme according to a 3-year strategic plan and an annual business plan. NZIBF’s work programme is supported by a range of associate members who receive regular updates, are engaged directly in NZIBF activities and meet at least twice a year with the Board.


NZUS Council

Established in 2001, we are a non-partisan, non-government organisation focused on advancing New Zealand’s interests in a strong bilateral relationship.

We are funded by business, academia, civil society, and government to provide platforms to advance opportunities for New Zealanders, communicate the importance of the relationship, and build supportive constituencies for New Zealand in the US.

New Zealand Beverage Council

We proudly represent New Zealand’s non-alcoholic beverage sector. Established in 1993, the New Zealand Beverage Council is the industry association for New Zealand’s non-alcoholic beverage sector.

Our members are the brand owners, manufacturers, bottlers and suppliers of New Zealand’s juice, carbonated drinks, flavoured-dairy and bottled water brands. We are committed to providing our members with a strong and united voice, providing choice for consumers, and working to help create the conditions that allow our members to thrive.

Our membership is made up of a wide range of companies operating in New Zealand – from some of the largest multinational brands in the world through to some the country’s smallest boutique producers, as well as those companies that provide a wide range of goods and services to those companies.

Our members represent over 75 percent of the non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages sold at retail level in New Zealand.


New Zealand Pacific Economic Cooperation Council

The Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) is a non-governmental body, serving as a regional forum for cooperation and policy coordination in the Asia Pacific to promote regional economic growth and development. The New Zealand Committee of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (NZPECC) is a founding and active member of the PECC community. NZPECC works to gain strong business and institutional links into the Asia Pacific market and to tie public policy theory and research into practical business outcomes for New Zealand.

PECC was formed in 1980 and now has 26 Member Committees. Each Member Committee brings together leading thinkers, and decision makers from government, academia and business in an informal setting to discuss and formulate ideas on the most significant challenges facing the Asia Pacific.

French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The FNZCCI (formerly the French New Zealand Business Council) was created in 1985 from the desire to foster stronger and sound business relationships between France and /or French Pacific Islands and New Zealand. 

Today the organisation counts 120+ members (such as Corporates, SMEs and Individuals) and continues to expand recruiting new members every year. The Chamber is based in Auckland, has a chapter in Wellington and sometimes runs missions in Pacific islands.

New Zealand Fiji Business Council

The New Zealand Fiji Business Council (NZFBC) was established in 1987 with the purpose of maintaining a link and communications between businesses in New Zealand and Fiji, irrespective of who was in government in either country. The Council is apolitical and has withstood the effects of changing times, events and political landscape.

New Zealand Pacific Business Council

Facilitate the growth of bilateral trade and investment between New Zealand and Pacific Island countries and territories. The Object for which the NZPBC is established is supported by the three (3) underlying principles as follows:

  • Tautoko Support
  • Āki Advocacy
  • Ikapahi Networking

Stay connected with them through Facebook and Linkedin.

New Zealand Tonga Business Council

The New Zealand Tonga Business Council (NZTBC) was established in 2010 with the purpose to grow and develop the international relationship between New Zealand and Tonga. Its role in the business community is to encourage and support bi-lateral trade*, grow investment opportunities, enhance economic development between New Zealand and Tonga, and also work collaboratively with each respective government, its key stakeholders. The NZTBC does this by positively influencing the environment in which businesses operate and by providing information and advice that assists the success of businesses in both countries that have an interest in Tonga and New Zealand.

The Vision Statement of the Council is to promote positive bilateral trade* relations between New Zealand and Tonga.

Stay connected with them through Facebook and Linkedin.

New Zealand Papua New Guinea Business Council

The New Zealand Papua New Guinea Business Council was established in 1993 with the underlying objective to heighten awareness of the business environment and market opportunities in Papua New Guinea.

The Council exists to promote and facilitate economic and trade relations between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. We provide an environment where knowledge is shared and business connections are made.

New Zealand China Trade Association

NZCTA is a bilateral business council promoting and fostering trade, investment and other business links between New Zealand and China. It is the oldest business Association of its kind in New Zealand involved with China. The Association was formed in 1981 by a group of pioneer business leaders enthusiastic about the potential of trade between New Zealand and China. Its inaugural membership comprised importers and exporters that wanted to establish a network to discuss and overcome the challenges of trading with China at the time. Over the years, NZCTA has evolved alongside the changing dynamics of our trading relationship and  today our membership of more than 200 organisations and individuals encompasses a diverse range of stakeholders. We are proud to have Chinese corporations that have established businesses in New Zealand, as well as exporters, importers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors, and service providers from both countries along with the support of government agencies from New Zealand and China.

Our recently updated mission is to promote and build on the trade relationships between the NZ and China by celebrating success, championing an active trade community and fostering the next generation of business leaders between the two countries.

The New Zealand Brazil Business Chamber

Brazil, with its population exceeding 200 million and a GDP surpassing USD 2 trillion, presents extensive opportunities for New Zealand companies across diverse sectors.

The primary objective of the NZBBC is to fortify economic ties, foster business growth, and amplify collaboration between companies in Brazil and New Zealand. With offices in Auckland and Sāo Paulo, the NZBBC aims to provide comprehensive support to companies from both nations.

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