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Ebba Petersen was at home having some repair work done when she had a lightbulb moment.

While chatting with the plumber she had hired, she realised that his day didn’t end when he put down his tool belt. Being a business owner meant he was working all day in in people’s homes and then completing all his admin work at night from his home; he was juggling everything himself.

Ebba, who had previously spent 10 years managing an investment banking office, followed by raising her children, was inspired to provide freelance admin support for small businesses. After conducting some research and talking with other business owners, Ebba realised that there was a definitely a market for it! From here, Good Monday was born.

Good Monday provides business administration, executive assistance, event management and project management services to the client.

“I had 20 years’ of experience in administration was very confident of what I do,” Ebba says.

Ebba’s skills come from an extensive background of fascinating roles such as working for The New Zealand Superannuation Fund and Cameron Partners, interpreting Japanese weddings, offering support services for international students, and even volunteering in a Costa Rican soup kitchen.

But even Ebba agrees, “running your own business is another matter – there are a whole raft of things to take on board, to learn, and to think about. I knew that a business mentor was what I needed.”

Ebba then approached the Chamber Mentors programme and was paired with John Farrell, a highly experienced business insights strategist.

“I was so lucky to be matched with John. From the first moment that I met him, he completely ‘got me’. He identified my strengths and areas for development really quickly. We capitalised on those strengths.”

Ebba’s strengths, which include interpersonal skills and problem-solving capabilities, were used to “push the business forward” while she worked on feeling comfortable getting in front of people to sell Good Monday. Marketing herself, Ebba found, was her biggest challenge.

“John helps me to assess client’s needs and pitch concepts to them. We discuss ideas together to frame my services in different ways. It’s been a great learning curve and I’m loving the challenge. I am proud of what I have achieved.”

Ebba describes herself as a “jump in and sort things out,” or “hand it to me and I will make it happen” person and found that John’s mentor style is the perfect fit. “He listens to me, asks the right questions and often guides me to arrive at solutions myself. But he also offers completely different perspectives that I wouldn’t have thought of. So, it’s been amazing.”

Working with a mentor helped fast-track Ebba’s business, as she found that a mentor is not only a sounding board, but “someone you can share your wins with or even have a little download with sometimes!”

Ebba’s main piece of advice? Be authentic. “It is so important to just trust in yourself and who you are, what you offer, back yourself.”

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