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Amid Auckland’s bustling business scene, WaHiki Coconut Creamery (Wahiki), under the visionary leadership of founder and managing director Haman Shapari, distinguishes itself through innovation and dedication. Renowned for its incredible dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan coconut ice creams and, more recently yoghurt, WaHiki has made an indelible mark on the food industry. The story of Wahiki’s growth and success is one of innovation, strategic collaboration, and community engagement. Through its membership with the Auckland Business Chamber, doing business has become that much easier for Wahiki.

We were eager to learn more, so we explored Haman’s experience with the Chamber, revealing the significant impact the Chamber has had on WaHiki business journey.

Why They Joined:
Haman’s vision for WaHiki was clear from the start: to achieve excellence and growth and joining the Auckland Business Chamber started as a desire to access a wide array of resources, mentorship, and support essential for nurturing a New Zealand SME. For Haman, the Chamber was not just a resource but a guide that helped navigate his venture through the competitive landscape toward establishing a strong and sustainable business model.

A Spectrum of Support:
The Auckland Business Chamber has supported WaHiki since it’s inception and through a range of challenges and celebrations by offering a range of support services that have made doing business easier, no matter where he was in his business journey.

  • Export Documentation Assistance: With the Chamber’s help, navigating the intricacies of international export became seamless, the documentation needed to export was easy and tough questions were answered allowing Wahiki’s products to charm taste buds worldwide.
  • Mentorship Through Uncertain Times: The Chamber’s mentorship was something that was needed and appreciated during the turbulent COVID period, those who have been in business before them and with skills that they needed offering wisdom and guidance to navigate through adversity.
  • Cost-Saving Opportunities: Access to existing and introductions to new alliance partners through the Chamber was a game-changer, opening doors to significant cost reductions and financial efficiencies.
  • Networking and Growth: The Chamber’s networking events were a goldmine of opportunities, enabling WaHiki to connect, collaborate, and thrive within a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Awards and Recognition:
Engaging in the Auckland Business Awards brought WaHiki into the limelight, celebrating its commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality.  Achieving finalist positions in Best Emerging Business and Innovation and winning the People’s Choice Award not only enhanced Wahiki’s reputation but also underscored its dedication to setting the standard in the dairy-free dessert market.

It wasn’t just about winning their participation in the Auckland Business Awards provided WaHiki with feedback from judges, that helped shape their ongoing strategy. This advice emphasised innovation and sustainability, driving continuous improvement and market leadership.

Wahiki’s access to a range of Chamber services and understanding how these services have supported the business is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in driving business success. Through proactive engagement with the Chamber’s resources and community, Haman has navigated WaHiki through challenges, celebrations, and opportunities alike, creating a story of enduring success and innovation.

The journey with the Auckland Business Chamber has been transformative for WaHiki Coconut Creamery, a partnership that extends far beyond membership. It represents a shared commitment to excellence, growth, and the collective success of Auckland’s vibrant business community.


Interested in becoming a member?
By being part of the Chamber, you can connect, learn, grow, and contribute to our influential voice for business advocacy. Join us at the Auckland Business Chamber and unlock the full potential of your business, just like Haman did with WaHiki  Coconut Creamery. 

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