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According to the latest pre-Budget survey conducted by the Auckland Business Chamber, businesses want a clear focus on the delivery of basics and core services in Budget 2023, says CEO Simon Bridges.

“The survey reveals that over 60% of Auckland businesses want the government to prioritise cost of living, health, and law and order. Furthermore, an additional 56% underscore the importance of addressing education,” says Bridges.

“Reducing spending and prioritising infrastructure also emerge as strong themes. Businesses recognise that elevated Covid level spending is not sustainable, with 69% advocating for a return to pre-Covid spending levels.

“Additionally, over 50% of respondents acknowledge investment in infrastructure would be most helpful for their business, while tax relief is also seen as another factor.

“Squaring these circles may not be easy for the government but it can be achieved. The Prime Minister’s back to basics or ‘no frills’ approach is in tune with the times, but it would be a mistake to not invest back into services, infrastructure and measures which make it easier for businesses to get ahead.

“Businesses want restraint, as well as a focus on core services and the right quality investments. These times call for nothing less,” says Bridges.

View Auckland Business Chamber budget survey results.

For more information, please contact Simon Bridges on 021 322 769
Simon Bridges, Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber

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