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It’s an incredibly important part of what we do and stand for.

Here at Auckland Business Chamber, we’re supporting our local communities into employment with practical work readiness programmes and connecting job seekers with the largest business network in New Zealand.

We’re striving to meet the increasing demands of Auckland’s business community to find great staff – people with the right skills and right attitude.

Rather than using a traditional personnel agency method, we’ve established a division that connects businesses with people who struggle to be found.  Whether through ethnicity, age, gender, socio economic or being differently abled, there is a rich talent pool of job seekers who lack the job-hunting know-how and networks to secure meaningful employment.

A big focus of what we’re about is being committed to Auckland and to Auckland business. And if we’re committed to Auckland business, we’re committed to all our communities. It’s about giving everyone the opportunity to participate in employment. It’s also about building diversity in our workplaces as that builds better, more productive and innovative businesses.

Through the efforts of our team’s work readiness trainers, mentors, job coaches and recruiters based in the heart of South Auckland and our jobs hub in Tamaki, we’re now placing more than 1500 people each year into employment. We’re achieving these results with programmes that offer resilience, confidence and opportunities to both young people and adults returning to the workforce. This is a service that is free to job seekers and employers, thanks to our partnerships with Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment and the Tamaki Regeneration Company.

We’re proud of the fact that we partner with government to identify job seekers who are under-employed or unemployed, and that we’re using our reputation and network to provide pathways to great jobs and careers. We’re also proud to be connecting businesses with talented, ready-to-work job seekers. It’s about supporting people into jobs, strengthening business and strengthening the community.

We’re helping change people’s lives through employment – and for the employers who work alongside us, few things are more satisfying than helping someone back into work. It’s something that motivated business owner Brendan Kelly to reach out to our employment team when he had roles to fill at Quest Highbrook Hotel Apartments.

“As a business we wanted to help out young people into entry level jobs for who opportunities like this don’t come along easily,” Brendan explains.

“I have to say that the young people that were presented to us, the skills they came prepared with and the follow-up support from the team at the Chamber was incredibly valuable in getting our candidates settled into our team and up and running.”

Brendan’s placed several candidates through the Chamber over the years – all at no cost to his South Auckland business.

If you think your business can be involved, we’d love to hear from you. Or if you know someone who could benefit from what we’re offering please let us know.  Visit:

Here’s a snapshot of just a few of the programmes we offer:


CadetMax is a youth employment service that prepares and supports young people (18-24) into work through effective work readiness training, great career advice, and giving young people the tools they need to thrive in the workforce.  Employers also appreciate the six months mentoring support.

CadetMax has been operating in South Auckland for more than 10 years, and following its success has recently expanded to Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane.

Chamber DRIVE

The Chamber DRIVE programme is a partnership between the Auckland Business Chamber and the Ministry of Social Development to help 3000 Aucklanders gain the next stage of their driver’s licence each year.

We know that  job seekers with a restricted or full driver’s licence have up to seven times more opportunities to gaining paid employment  It’s what employers want.

Chamber Drive is all about removing the barriers to getting a licence – and just as importantly stop people from getting behind the wheel without one!

Positive Pathways

Positive Pathways supports people with a medical condition back into work. It provides training that builds on candidate’s skills and strengths and provides ongoing support and mentoring. The programme connects people into employment and supports them with confidence and resilience.

Preparation for Work

Preparation for Work is a short work readiness programme for adults looking to work in any of the following industries; Building & Construction, Administration, Hospitality & Retail, Security, Warehousing and Aged care. The course develops job seekers with an industry qualification, connections to employers and motivation to succeed.

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