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The Auckland Business Chamber welcomes the signing of a ground-breaking Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between New Zealand and the European Union (EU).

“This agreement marks a significant milestone in enhancing trade opportunities and driving economic growth for our business community,” said Simon Bridges, CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber.

The NZ-EU FTA is projected to deliver up to $1.8 billion in annual exports to the EU by 2035, solidifying the EU as a key trading partner. Immediate tariff savings of $100 million per year, the highest of any New Zealand FTA, will directly benefit exporters of products like kiwifruit, Mānuka honey, fish and seafood, onions, wine, and industrial goods.

“The Auckland Business Chamber commends the government’s efforts in securing this game-changing FTA for our exporters,” said Bridges.

“This agreement will provide our exporters with a competitive advantage, unlocking opportunities, saving millions in tariffs, and bolstering our reputation as a trusted supplier of premium and sustainable goods.”

The NZ-EU FTA provides substantial quota access for beef, sheep meat, butter, and cheese, presenting lucrative prospects for our world-leading exporters. The agreement also recognises Māori economic and trade interests, fostering greater collaboration and cultural exchange.

“We look forward to supporting our businesses as they harness the benefits of this historic agreement, said Mr Bridges”.

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