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Small and medium Auckland businesses are still very grumpy in November, says Simon Bridges, CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber.

“The main thing the government can do is get immigration moving faster for workers.”

As one respondent said, the issue is “staffing, staffing, staffing” and so they’re “afraid our current staff will leave. This isn’t just about immigration for rocket scientists but also lower skilled labour which is impossible to find right now.”

Well over half of businesses (57%) in the Auckland Business Chamber’s November Business Confidence Survey say they are currently suffering a skills shortage and a majority (52%) say this is for people across the board in terms of skills and experience.

In other results, 48% say business conditions are worse than this time last year with 26% saying better. 54% expect business conditions to deteriorate in the next six months.

As a result of cost increases, including labour, 81% of businesses say they have or will need to increase prices, with 86% saying this is putting pressure on profitability.

The answer for small and medium businesses is clear. Let in more workers now!


For more information, please contact Simon Bridges on 021 322 769
Simon Bridges, Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber

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