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Every worker is critical, every worker is essential, and every employer should have access to the tools and tests to enable them to keep operating safely for the good of the economy and society, says Auckland Business Chamber CEO Michael Barnett.

“This is not a lockdown so instead of Government compiling a list of which sectors and workers they deem to meet their definition of critical to get access to Rapid Antigen return to work tests, turn it round. RATS should be available to every worker so they can do just that – work – and keep families, livelihoods and the economy moving.”

Mr Barnett said the critical workers list is “discriminatory, confusing, divisive, and disruptive” when there were protocols and tools deployed to keep workforces safe from vaccinations, boosters, split shifts, mask wearing, social distancing, and the all-important return to work RAT negative test.

“Business and Government should be working together to enable enterprises to operate across the economy in work safe environments,” he said.

“My workers are essential too and need to work as do Government employees already on the critical workers list. Help us do that to help the country.”

For more information, please contact Michael Barnett on 027 563 1150
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber

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