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Santa Parade 2020

By 27 November 2020August 3rd, 2021No Comments

I Chair the Santa Parade organisation and wanted to let you know that our big surprise this parade will be Peppa Pig who has just arrived from the USA (done Quarantine) and is set to make her first appearance at the Farmers Santa Parade.

We usually don’t get access to Peppa Pig – she is a 32ft High helium inflatable who is truly a Rockstar and is usually booked out at this time of year but with so many international parade cancellations we have been lucky.

Peppa will join Buzzy Bee and Micky and Minnie Mouse in the parade which will be one of the few parades held in the world in 2020.

For more information please contact Michael Barnett on 027 563 1150
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber.

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