Resilience Skills with Robbie Shefford

Wednesday 8 November

12.30pm – 1.15pm

Zoom Webinar

Roadside Mental Health Revolution

Presented by First Steps, in partnership with Auckland Business Chamber and we invite you to join us for a live chat with Robbie Shefford.

While Robbie Shefford may not be an immediately familiar name, his trademark ginger mutton chops and Gooserooter nickname are perhaps more likely to strike a chord of recognition. Towering in at six foot four, his personality is just as immense, Geraldine-born and bred, Robbie has amassed quite the social media following for his The Gooserooter at Truck This and Truck That page, where his down-to-earth personality and raucous sense of humour sees him connect with a diverse audience, from Truckies and Contractors to Farmers and Mechanics.

From a background including Farming, Engineering, Firefighter, Scout Leader, Truck Driver and Mechanic his distinctive NZ personality refuses to pander to popular opinion and his straightforward attitude to most problems in life have seen his appeal spread with tens of thousands of online followers.  Last year, Robbie acquired a caravan and used it as a mobile office. He filled it with tea and coffee and headed to the roadside to talk to the truckies about mental health. This was just the beginning of his “Man with a Plan and a Caravan” initiative.

Robbie’s mission is simple to travel around New Zealand with his race tractor and mental health and well-being caravan and stop to talk to as many groups and people as he can about the importance of mental health, well-being and positive thinking.

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