Resilience Skills with Jordan Fitzgerald

Wednesday 1 November

12.30pm – 1.15pm

Zoom Webinar

From Combat to Commerce

Presented by First Steps, in partnership with Auckland Business Chamber and we invite you to join us for a live chat with Jordan Fitzgerald

Jordan Fitzgerald is a former New Zealand Special Operations Forces Commando and the founder of an apparel brand called Warfighter Athletic. After over a decade of service within the NZ Army which included a tour of Afghanistan, he looked to business for a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh challenge. Driven by passion, he chose to build Warfighter Athletic, an e-commerce focused apparel and training company around the ethos and values he learned during his military career.

No stranger to adversity, living through a turbulent childhood and further challenged to grow during his military career, he has built Warfighter Athletic into a global brand. With a physical footprint in both the US and here in New Zealand, Jordan continues to embrace the challenges of modern business with the same mindset he learned to go the extra mile during this time within the Special Operations Forces.

As he continues to grow the company and expand global operations he is passionate about sharing his journey with the aim of inspiring and equipping like minded individuals with the tools to go out and win on the global stage. Without a degree or any experience in business, Jordan has been privileged with mentorship from some of New Zealand’s most successful entrepreneurs, this is what drives him to pay it forward.

This event is an invaluable opportunity for entrepreneurs, business professionals, and individuals seeking to enhance their resilience skills and unlock their true potential.

Don’t miss out on learning from Jordan, a captivating speaker who embodies resilience and inspires others to overcome obstacles.

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