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The Michael Barnett Scholarship

The Michael Barnett scholarship recognises individuals that are highly skilled in leadership and are active in advocating for their business community.  This scholarship was established in 2016, to honour Michael Barnett’s 25 years of leading the Auckland Business Chamber. Each year, approved by the board of directors, two applicants are awarded a scholarship valued at $5,000 each.

Who Can Apply?

To apply for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a (currently enrolled) university student in communication or management studies
  • Be completing a research project (associated with leadership or communication) as a part of your studies
  • Have strong communication and leadership skills
  • Have a genuine passion for business
  • Be able to communicate how this scholarship will be of benefit
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand

How To Apply

To apply for the Michael Barnett Scholarship, you’ll need to submit a written, and video statement.  On submission of your application, you will be required to provide your academic history, information about your vision, and the research you would conduct if awarded the scholarship.

You’ll also need to provide us with any relevant work experience (informal or professional), as well as your interests.

If your application advances to the next stage of the submission you will need to present to a judging panel.

Entries are open from early March each year and close 31 August.

1. Complete a written statement

Complete a written statement (no maximum word count) on your vision, and the research that you would conduct if awarded the scholarship.  Your written statement should explain why you, and your concept should be awarded the scholarship.

2. Record a video statement

Bring your ideas to life with an engaging video statement.  Tell us your vision, the impact your vision will have on business, why you should be successful, and the proposed steps you’ll take, should you be awarded the scholarship.

3. Submit your application

Submission of your application, along with your academic history, relevant work experience (informal or professional), as well as your interests.

4. Present to a panel of judges

If your applications advances to the next stage of the submission, you will be required to meet with Michael Barnett and a judging panel to discuss your submission in person.

Come prepared to be challenged, answer a range of questions related to your submission, and to defend your position to a panel of business experts.


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