United States Business Summit

Changing The Dial

United States Business Summit

Changing The Dial

Change is one constant business have had to face in today’s ever-changing world.  Plotting the path forward in today’s market requires much more than just a traditional business owner’s mindset. It also requires insight and focus on our key partnerships.

On Monday, May 2 NZINC. and Auckland Business Chamber present, the United States Business Summit – changing the dial.

The macro global economic picture is being adjusted and reworked as the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, emerging geopolitical fluctuations, and various domestic political and social consequences of changes to production, external supply chains, and new consumer concerns and expectations are integrated into forecasting.

One question has gained primacy for business and political leaders within both New Zealand and the United States: How much of the economic recovery and the pursuit of future resilience is focused on building back to what was previously in place as opposed to how much should and is being recalibrated according to new rules, and potential and practicalities?

It is time to appraise and look at the big picture repercussions of the regional and global watershed and focus on exciting bilateral opportunities as we are “changing the dial”.

This summit will invite delegates to engage in debate and discussion that will inform them on the evolving direction for the New Zealand’s relationship with the United States, and provide opportunities to network with senior business and political leaders.

This one-day summit will explore the opportunities for Kiwi businesses in a changing America.  We will set the stage for how to build an unshakeable foundation in this new climate of business by providing tactical tools for crafting a mindset of innovation, persistence, resilience, and critically – partnership.

Featured Speakers

Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern

Hon Damien O’Connor

Secretary Gina Raimondo

Peter Beck

Dame Therese Walsh

Myron Brilliant

A conversation about the upcoming
US Business Summit

NZINC Managing Director Fran O’Sullivan and Auckland Business Chamber Chief Executive Michael Barnett discuss the upcoming summit, how most international businesses are planning in an environment of recovery, and learning the future is not business as usual, but a discovery of where best to do business and how.  Listen to their conversation.

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