Tech Update

Tuesday 19th October, 1pm – 3pm

Find business success using the right tech

We have to adapt, learn, train and implement technology at rapid pace, particularly over the past year. Ensure you’re on the forefront of the latest technology and how you can implement it in your business at our Tech Updates.

You’ll get the lowdown on trends, changes, and know-hows of technology within the workplace. Most importantly, you’ll hear about which technology is the ‘hype’ at the moment, and which out of these are worth your investment. Not everything hype-related will work across your business, so hear from the experts on where your focus should be.

Whether you’re relatively new to the space or a seasoned tech-expert, you’ll get valuable information from the session with a presentation from Andrew Radcliffe, CEO from business automation company 3PM, and hear the recent Tech Survey results from CEO, Michael Barnett.

Due to the current lockdown, this event will be held LIVE on our Facebook Page at 1pm on Wednesday, November 3rd.


Michael Barnett

CEO, Auckland Business Chamber

Andrew Radcliffe

CEO, 3pm Business Automation

Proudly sponsored by 3PM Business Automation

3PM exist to automate workflow processes like time-sheeting, job management, health and safety compliance and asset maintenance & management so business owners can run a better business.

They do this by bringing data from People, Projects, Plant and Material to the fingertips of decision-makers, enabling better informed and faster actions.

We Can Rapidly Deploy Automation Solutions For Businesses, Big And Small. We Use Best In Class Technology To Solve Business Problems And Digitalise Processes

To learn more about 3PM, visit their website.