Resilience Skills with Steven Tucker

Wednesday 13 December

12.30pm – 1.15pm

Zoom Webinar

Tackling Stress in the Business World

Presented by First Steps, in partnership with Auckland Business Chamber and we invite you to join us for a live chat with Steven Tucker.

Steven (Steve) Tucker is a seasoned entrepreneur with an impressive track record spanning over two and a half decades. Over these considerable years, Steve has successfully established and managed numerous startups, and has also ventured into business acquisition. Notably, three of his businesses have risen to become market leaders in their respective industries, reflecting Steve’s strategic acumen and unwavering commitment. Demonstrating his versatility, one of his enterprises was even developed into a successful franchise. Steve’s core strategy lies in leveraging technology, specifically bespoke software, to augment productivity, ensuring consistent, high-quality outputs. With his profound industry experience and technologically driven approach, Steve continues to pave the way in dynamic business development.

Steve also recognises the importance of a healthy work-life balance and values the quality time spent with his family. This ethos led him to make a significant decision in 2015, when he chose to reside in France with his family. This move not only provided a culturally enriching experience for the Tucker family but also served as a testament to Steve’s commitment to maintaining familial bonds amidst his demanding entrepreneurial pursuits. Despite geographical changes and the pressures of his business endeavours, Steve’s focus has consistently remained on nurturing and providing for his family.

Steve’s resilience has been tested to the extreme on several occasions throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he is now embarking on a heartfelt mission, fuelled by his personal mental health experiences and the common narratives he observed within the entrepreneurial world. He’s now dedicated to eradicating extreme stress and depression triggered by pressures in small businesses. His approach to this major issue is two-fold. First, he encourages business individuals to open up and discuss their experiences. He strongly believes that by sharing our stories, we can foster a sense of unity and understanding, assuring others that they are not alone in their struggles. Secondly, once this openness is achieved, Steve advocates for collective problem-solving rather than suffering in silence. By lifting the veil of solitude often associated with entrepreneurial stress and depression, Steve hopes to create a supportive network where solutions can be shared, and resilience can be built.

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