Microsoft Excel – Stage Two

The next step to becoming a proficient user of Excel.

This hands-on course takes you through creating an expenses workbook. You’ll learn how to layout the worksheet, add calculations, insert additional data and quickly apply formatting to give the worksheet a professional look.

This introductory course is offered as a 3.5-hour short course focusing on getting you started in Excel. It covers the skills that are essential to creating professional worksheets.

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Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to confidently:

  • Move around the Excel screen
  • Insert and edit data in a workbook
  • Create calculations using formula and the SUM function
  • Apply formatting to data
  • Apply borders and colour to enhance the presentation of the data
  • Set the page options to ensure the worksheet prints correctly
  • Preview and print the worksheet

Course pre-requisites

This course is aimed at people who will be creating or updating Excel worksheets in a business environment. In addition to having your own computer, mouse and keyboard, this course is definitely for you if:

  • You are new to Excel and would like a beginner course
  • You currently make minor updates to existing files and would now like to learn how to create worksheets from scratch
  • You haven’t used Excel for a while and would like a refresher course

Course delivery

This course is designed to be delivered as an instructor-led online live streaming session via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Attendee numbers are set for a maximum of 6 only. The course is delivered by a certified Microsoft® Office Specialist with over 20 years of experience training Microsoft® products.

Learning online – what you will need
Before your session, please ensure you have access to the internet, and your browser is the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. If you wish to follow along with the instructor, it is recommended that you have Microsoft® Excel software installed and two screens or two computers available. One to follow along in Excel, and the other to watch the instructor. The course is complemented with a step-by-step workbook and exercise files which will be emailed to you prior to your session. Please note, this training is for Windows for PC only and isn’t suitable for the Mac version of Excel.

Course duration

Course delivery consists of 3.5 hours of tuition. Comfort breaks are factored into the session time.

Course Structure

Working with tables of data

Working with multiple worksheets

Formulas + Functions