India Business Summit

28 September 2023

Cordis, Auckland
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India Business Summit 2023

Half-day Summit & Gala Dinner

Hosted by the Indian High Commission and the Auckland Business Chamber, this one-day summit brings together trade experts and business leaders from both countries to discuss opening the export-import trade gateway to India, digital transformation, energy, climate change, and resource efficiency.

Looking to expand your business globally and tap into the world’s fastest-growing economy? Then you won’t want to miss the Indian Business Summit, brought to you by the Indian High Commission and the Auckland Business Chamber.

Come learn all you need to know at the India Business Summit from renowned experts on trade and geopolitics, India multinational businesspeople, trail blazing Kiwi exporters and also Rt Prime Minister Chris Hipkins and Opposition Spokesperson for Agriculture, and Trade Hon Todd McClay, just weeks before Election 2023.

Also enjoy the evening Gala Dinner with a special guest VIP from India, Dr Rajkumar Ranjan Singh. You wont want to miss this. It’s the India Business event of the year for sure.

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Announced Keynote Speakers

Rt Hon Chris Hipkins
Prime Minister of New Zealand

Hon Todd McClay
Opposition Spokesperson for Agriculture, and Trade

Dr Rajkumar Ranjan Singh
Minister of State for External Affairs, India

Her Excellency Neeta Bhushan
High Commissioner of India

Panelists & Moderators

The rise of India and what it means for New Zealand

India’s ascent to global prominence brings with it a range of opportunities for nations like New Zealand. This panel delves into the intricate relationship between the two countries, encompassing their diplomatic ties, trade partnerships, and cultural exchanges. Attendees will gain insight into the historical context, Indian immigration in New Zealand, and the potential opportunities that India’s economy presents. Challenges, such as navigating the complex geopolitical landscape, are paired with prospects of mutual cooperation in a wide range of areas including, technology, and sustainable development.

Envisioning a shared future, the panel will discuss how India and New Zealand can jointly tackle global issues ranging from sustainability and climate change to technological innovations and resources. This panel is an opportunity to understand the evolving dynamics between the two nations in an ever-shifting global context.

Moderated by Simon Bridges, Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber, this panel brings together three individuals with extensive experience in international relations, specifically in the context of New Zealand’s relationship with India and the broader Asian region. Attendees can expect rich insights into the opportunities and challenges that arise as India rises as a global power and the implications for New Zealand’s socio-economic landscape.

Simon Bridges
Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber

Suz Jessep

Suzannah Jessep
Director Research and Engagement,
Asia New Zealand Foundation

stephen jacobi

Stephen Jacobi 
Executive Director,
NZ International Business Forum Inc

bhav dillon

Bhav Dhillon
Honorary Consul of India, Auckland

India’s plenty – what India offers New Zealand

This discussion aims to spotlight the endless possibilities that arise from New Zealand’s collaboration with India, particularly in the realm of technology.

In an era where technological innovation is shaping the future, India has emerged as a powerhouse, driving advancements in various sectors. This panel will address the rich tapestry of opportunities that India brings to New Zealand—from a skilled workforce with an exceptional work ethic to expanding markets ripe for investment.

Our panelists are experts in their respective fields and will delve into how India’s technological prowess, dedication, and specialised skill sets can synergise with New Zealand’s own industries and tech landscape.  The discussion will not just skim the surface, but will delve into the future of  tech, cultural nuances, work ethic, and unique talents that make India a significant player on the global stage.

The panel serves as a platform for visionaries and business leaders who are eager to tap into the growth potential that the Indian market offers. Attendees will walk away with a clearer understanding of the strategic importance of fostering a strong New Zealand-India partnership, especially in tech-related sectors.

Moderated by Stephen Jacobi, Executive Director of the NZ International Business Forum Inc., this panel assembles seasoned professionals who bring their wealth of knowledge in the realm of international relations, technology, and migration between India and New Zealand. From discussions on the endless possibilities in the tech sector to an in-depth analysis of India’s work ethic, dedication, and skill sets, the panel aims to outline the plethora of opportunities for mutual growth and collaboration between the two nations.

stephen jacobi

Stephen Jacobi
Executive Director, NZ International Business Forum Inc

Priti Ambani

Priti Ambani
Country Head – New Zealand, TCS 

Arunima Dhingra
Founder & Director, Aims Global
Vice Chair, NZ Association of Migration and Investment (NZAMI)
Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser #200900407

Rakesh Prabhakar
General Manager, Zoho Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand and India – what do we bring to the table?

The relationship between New Zealand and India stands out as a beacon of growing importance and mutual benefit, and though we are different in size and scale what we each bring to the relationship is important. Despite differences in size, culture and stature, each nation’s contribution is invaluable. The panel, “New Zealand and India – What Do We Bring to the Table?”, start the conversation around the flourishing ties binding these two countries. Featuring specialists from varied fields, encompassing academia, cutting-edge data science, and deep cultural representation; the discussion promises to elucidate the intricate relationships that link India and New Zealand.

Every speaker, distinguished in their respective areas, will explore the historical and ongoing interactions that unite the two countries, spotlighting the unique strengths and attributes each imparts to their bilateral bond. Those attending this panel will leave with a comprehensive grasp of the opportunities, hurdles, and the promising future of the New Zealand-India alliance.

Moderated by Zienna Jalil, the panel unites three seasoned professionals, each providing expertise that ranges from scholastic pursuits to technological advancements and cultural insights, offering a panoramic view of the flourishing alliance between New Zealand and India.

ziena jalil

Ziena Jalil
Keynote speaker, facilitator, MC and commentator


Professor Dawn Freshwater
Vice-Chancellor, University of Auckland

carmen vicelich

Carmen Vicelich
Founder and Chief Executive, Data Insight

Geoff Allott
Executive Director, Quality New Zealand

Sinan Altung
Chief Executive, Rakon

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