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Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) Teachers

Delivered in Auckland by The Auckland Business Chamber

Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) Teachers

The Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) has been designed to support and inspire the next generation of business leaders, disruptors, and change-makers. Our goal is to provide Years 12 and 13 students with practical experience and a deep understanding of the business world while developing their skills and abilities.

The YES program specifically links to Achievement Standards in Business Studies Levels 2 and 3 (AS2.4, 2.6, 3.4, and 3.6), providing teachers with NZQA-approved assessments, marking schedules, and a free interactive website platform with all the resources they need. The program also relates to other subjects and standards across the curriculum, depending on the type of business created by each group.

Students can engage in the YES competition at the regional and national levels and teachers have access to teaching mentors who are available to offer support and guidance. Regional coordinators also visit schools to encourage and support students. Throughout the program, students will be able to sell their products and services at YES market days and receive feedback from business professionals at a pitch-style event in term 2.

Additionally, there are exciting experiences such as flight and accommodation for the most successful teams and cash prizes for the winning teams.

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I can’t recommend YES enough to any business studies teachers not running it in their classes. It’s such an awesome opportunity for students to be part of a wider competition and have access to engaging events, insightful workshops and potentially life-shaping trips nationally and internationally. From a teacher perspective YES has been a huge support to me in terms of resource creation, being a soundboard for ideas and by linking their challenges so closely with the evidence gathering for the 3.6 assessment. I honestly couldn’t imagine teaching level 3 business studies without YES!

Brendan LambertManurewa High School

YES has been terrific for our students. Run as an extra-curricular activity, it attracts students with a genuine interest in enterprise, who want the opportunity to start their own business without too much risk. For those students who are completing the IB Diploma program, it can also be used to support their CAS activities, as it meets the criteria for Creativity. Aside from that, students are excited by the challenge and have benefited immensely from developing their collaborative and problem solving skills. They develop a genuine appreciation for just how difficult it is to set up and run a business, while thoroughly enjoying the little successes along the way.!

Helen BerghuisKristin School

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