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Free tools to help your business succeed

No matter the size of your business, the industry it’s in or the people you serve, having the right tools will help you find success.
Our business experts have carefully created these resources so you can navigate the business world with confidence.

Business Advice

The Chamber Blog

Document Certification

Resource Library

The Employment Hub

Business Search NZ

Business Search NZ is a powerful community platform and online directory where you can find local and national New Zealand businesses to connect and engage with.

Explore the diverse range of businesses that New Zealand has to offer with our one-stop-shop and grow your business network today.

Speaker Series

The Speaker Series is the new way for you to stay up to date on important business events and current news, from anywhere in the world.

Join us as CEO, Simon Bridges, meets with various speakers throughout the year to discuss business news and updates and what it means for Auckland business.

Speaker Series

Trans-Tasman Trade

Australia is New Zealand’s closest trading partner, both in terms of geography and alignment of business expectations. Whilst both governments have committed to creating a seamless trans-Tasman economic environment (like building on the foundation of the 1983 CER), entering the Australian market presents a number of challenges, not the least the different regulatory compliance regimes in each state.

Our Trans-Tasman website and contacts with Australian Chambers of Commerce support exporters with a platform and information to help identify future trading partners, in a trusted environment.

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