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Trade on Toast: The Value of New Zealand Brand in the Global Market

5 September 2023

7.30am – 10.00am

Cordis, Auckland

Join the Auckland Business Chamber and the Ports of Auckland on Tuesday, 5 September, 2023 to explore the impact of the New Zealand story on your brand and learn how to leverage the unique advantage of “New Zealand-made” to grow your business and effectively market your products and services to global customers.

In this session, we’ll explore the unique value proposition of New Zealand exports in the global market. You’ll learn about the impact of the New Zealand story on your brand, and how to obtain the “New Zealand-made” stamp on your product. We’ll also discuss what makes New Zealand products and services so appealing to international buyers, and how to leverage this unique advantage to grow your business. Additionally, we’ll explore the importance of brand identity and how to effectively market your New Zealand-based products and services to global customers.

Roger Gray
Chief Executive, Ports of Auckland

Keynote Speaker

Roger Gray is an experienced CEO and business leader with a proven track record of delivering growth and sustained profitability. As the Chief Executive of Ports of Auckland, he is committed to the company’s vision of being a world-class port company known for skilled people, innovation, and sustainable practices. Ports of Auckland provides a wide range of services, including container handling, bulk cargo handling, marine services, intermodal freight hubs, supply chain management services, and facilities to support the cruise ship industry.

As a keynote speaker, Roger brings his wealth of experience and knowledge in business leadership and sustainable practices to the table. His insights on finding the right balance for businesses between People, Planet, and Prosperity are fundamental to his approach to business. Through his collaborative leadership style and passion for sustainability, Roger inspires and motivates audiences to embrace a more sustainable approach to business, driving growth and profitability while also contributing to the greater good of the community and the environment. Attendees of our events will benefit greatly from his valuable contributions and strategies and global experience.

The Panel Discussions

The Global Impact of the New Zealand Brand:  How does NZTE and FernMark support International Success

Now, more than ever, understanding the power and reach of the ‘New Zealand brand’ on the global stage is crucial. The first panel will delve deep into this topic, providing a unique insight into why it’s so important for businesses to be a part of this conversation.

Peter Chrisp, CEO of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), will offer a detailed look into how NZTE is propelling New Zealand businesses into international markets. Through their vast knowledge and expansive global networks, NZTE assists exporters of all sizes in making informed decisions and in establishing vital connections with the right partners and investors. Their mandate doesn’t just stop there; NZTE plays an instrumental role in linking international businesses and investors to lucrative growth avenues in New Zealand. In doing so, they not only uplift New Zealand’s economy but also bolster its global reputation, ensuring that the world gets a true taste of what makes New Zealand an exceptional marketplace.

Riding on the wave of global consumer trust in New Zealand, the FernMark Licence logo stands as a hallmark of authenticity and connection to the country. If you’ve ever considered having the FernMark Licence logo on your brand or products, now is the perfect time.  The FernMark Licence Programme empowers New Zealand businesses to leverage government accreditation and their connection to New Zealand.  Authenticating and endorsing the country-of-origin can give your business a competitive edge in numerous pivotal international markets. To give a clearer perspective: 46% of consumers recognise the FernMark in primary international markets, and a significant 44% of these consumers are more inclined to make a purchase influenced by this logo.

This is why David Downs, CEO of NZ Story, will join this panel to discuss the profound impact of the FernMark. He’ll elucidate how the Fern Mark is not just a logo but a powerful tool that champions and safeguards New Zealand’s products and services on a vast global scale.

Peter Chrisp

Peter Chrisp 

Peter has been chief executive of NZTE since 2011. He has a passion for New Zealand, which drives his commitment to NZTE. He believes he works for a cause, not an institution. Peter sees his role as leading strategy and culture, to deliver for both exporters and investors. He works closely with his other government agency partners, for the good of New Zealand.

Prior to joining NZTE, Peter spent 23 years in the engineering, manufacturing, and pulp and paper industries, covering business in New Zealand, Australia, South America, Asia, Middle East and Europe, including roles in human resources, operations, logistics, supply chain, business improvement and general management. Peter has also been on the Board of the Ports of Auckland since late 2021.

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David Downs
CEO,  New Zealand Story

David Downs

David has had a successful career in the private and public sector and is now CEO of The New Zealand Story, an ambitious government-funded organisation marketing New Zealand to the world. He also acts as a consultant and is a director on several boards, including as Chair of The Icehouse. 

David is an ex-comedian, TV and radio actor, semi-finalist for New Zealander of the Year, cancer survivor and a published author of the books No.8 Re-wired, No.8 Recharged, A Mild Touch of the Cancer, and Silver Linings. David founded SOS Business, a hugely successful not-for-profit initiative to help cafes and other small businesses during Covid-19.  

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Embracing Aotearoa: Leveraging the New Zealand Brand in Global Trade

As New Zealand emerges even more prominently on the global stage, businesses from our shores have a unique advantage – the New Zealand brand.   Known for its pristine landscapes, commitment to sustainability, rich indigenous Māori culture, and unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, the New Zealand brand carries with it authenticity and prestige.

This panel discussion dives deep into how companies can, and have, successfully integrated the essence of Aotearoa into their international trade strategies. Our panelists will share insights on:

The Global Perception of the New Zealand Brand: Understand the elements that resonate with international audiences, from our unparalleled agricultural produce to the rich tapestry of Māori culture.

Strategies for Brand Integration: Concrete steps businesses can adopt to harness the power of the New Zealand brand in their product, service offering, and marketing narratives.

Real-world Success Stories: Learn from businesses that have proudly worn their Kiwi identity and witnessed unprecedented growth and acceptance in international markets.

Challenges and Opportunities: While our brand is a powerful tool, it’s not without challenges. We’ll discuss potential challenges and how to navigate them and turn them into opportunities.

The Future of the New Zealand Brand: As the global landscape changes, how will the perception of our brand evolve and how can businesses stay ahead of the curve?

Be part of the conversation that not only celebrates our Kiwi heritage but also arms you with the knowledge to confidently project this identity in your business when you hit the global stage.

Monique Kaminski
Foundar, Jeuneora

Jeuneora: Revolutionising Beauty and Wellness

Founded in 2016 by Monique Kaminski, Jeuneora harmonizes health and beauty for the modern age. From its groundbreaking Renew+ Marine Collagen Powder to its celebrated skincare range, Jeuneora stands as a symbol of innovation, catering to individuals and the environment.

Monique ‘Mon’ Kaminski: Visionary Behind Jeuneora

With a fervor for skincare and a background in design, Mon ignited Jeuneora’s inception, transforming a side hustle into a renowned brand. With the aid of allies like Meg Falconer, and endorsements from influential figures such as Millie Elder-Holmes and Amber Peebles, Jeuneora has etched its mark on the international stage.

Join us to explore Jeuneora’s remarkable journey and gain insights from Monique on elevating a brand to global acclaim.

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Angus Brown
Co-Founder – Ārepa

Ārepa: Pioneering Brain-boosting Beverages

Fueled by personal tragedies and experiences, Angus Brown embarked on a mission to create a drink that promised both energy and clarity without the harmful aftermath of traditional caffeinated or sugary beverages. This birthed Ārepa, a revolutionary concoction developed in collaboration with a world-renowned neuroscientist to enhance focus, alleviate stress, and function without caffeine.

Angus Brown: The Visionary Behind Ārepa

Driven by an early passion for brain health after the tragic loss of a friend and his grandparents, Angus transitioned from selling commercial energy drinks to immersing himself in New Zealand’s vibrant food technology sector. His aspiration? To positively impact lives through innovative beverages. Partnering with experts in neuroscience, Angus faced challenges like gaining the trust of professionals and navigating a niche, futuristic market concept.

His determination was continually fortified by heartwarming testimonials from customers. Stories of individuals with attention deficit disorders finding focus or others navigating their day with ease due to Ārepa, acted as milestones indicating he was on the right path.

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David ‘Dave” Rouse
Co-Founder and CEO – CarbonClick

CarbonClick: A Click Towards Sustainability

Dave co-founded CarbonClick to simplify climate action. With its unique “Track and Trace” technology, the platform guarantees that every dollar spent on carbon offsets truly benefits environmental projects. CarbonClick aims to awaken businesses and individuals who’ve been “asleep at the wheel,” providing them with user-friendly tools to take immediate, transparent action against climate change.  Embodying the Kiwi spirit of clean and green along with innovation and transparency, CarbonClick emerged as a straightforward solution to a global problem.  This New Zealand brand of honesty and eco-consciousness resonates globally, helping CarbonClick expand its footprint well beyond its native shores.

David Rouse: A Kiwi Entrepreneur for Global Sustainability

Growing up in New Zealand’s Waitakere Ranges and enriched by his Māori roots, David “Dave” Rouse channeled a youth of organic farming into a lifelong mission: to drive social and environmental change. His entrepreneurial prowess has spanned over a dozen businesses and a charity, Sea Cleaners — all embodying New Zealand’s unique spirit.

Dave then turned his philanthropic eye towards startups that aim to improve environmental outcomes. His most passionate endeavor is CarbonClick, a venture focused on making significant global impacts in biodiversity and social sustainability.

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Learn more about the Trade on Toast series

Are you looking to take your business to the next level in the global market? We are excited to announce the Trade on Toast three part event series designed to cover the relevant topics in the world of international trade to ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve.  Sponsored by Ports of Auckland and brought to you by Auckland Business Chamber this is an event series you don’t want to miss.

Our lineup of industry experts will provide you with invaluable insights that you can’t afford to miss. With Trade on Toast, you’ll learn about current global market trends and opportunities on the global stage, as well as key strategies for entering and growing your presence in overseas markets, and much more.

Trade on Toast is a three part event series that takes you on an international journey that will help you become stronger on the global stage. From everything from marketing and IP protection to sustainability, logistics, and documentation, this series will provide you with valuable insights and tangible tools to better your international brand.

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