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The Auckland Business Chamber understands business and the challenges we all face when running a business.  As business owners, there is always a very real struggle in our everyday lives, not just in times of crisis, but as the market changes, a new competitor comes into the market, key people leave, or a recession hits. Navigating challenges is part of business.

However, if measures to overcome such challenges are not put in place, businesses can feel overwhelmed and this is why we need to be proactive in finding solutions.  The Auckland Business Chamber is here to answer questions and offer insights into how to solve some of your biggest business challenges.

Many common business problems and challenges are actually fixable and many times, you’ll find you need to take a step back, assess your pain points, and rethink your strategy.  Which is why we are introducing a range of vlogs and blogs where we will discuss common challenges that small businesses may face, along with tactical advice about how to fix them.


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