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Our Mentors

Our Mentors

Our Chamber Mentors have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Ash Siddiqui

Alistair Burry

Alister is a qualified CA Accountant and held serveral CFO roles in a various organisations. His experience over his career has been within the Construction, Health, and Not for Profit organisation.

Bao Trinh

Bao has over 20+ years in game/digital/tech business both in Vietnam and Auckland.

Barry Parkin

Barry's focus is on manufacturing, engineering and construction. His background includes directorships and CFO of large engineering, manufacturing, transport and construction businesses. Having retired he still has involvement thru shareholdings and business forums.

Ben Waite

Brian Maginness

Brian had over 26 years as the General Manager of Accent Group as a wholesale distributor of footwear and clothing.

Cameron McGregor

Cameron has been a partner at McGregor Bailey for over 30 years. As well as all the usual services you'd expect of an accountant, he provides tailored specialist business and wealth growth service.

Chris Reid

Chris has over 20 years international experience in the transport industry - London/Europe, New York and Sydney and 16 years of NZ based experience in tourism, retail and financial services industries. Now managing a business consultancy. He has published a book "Fly By Night" which covers the early days of DHL and TNT.

Chris Scullin

Chris is a self employed Management Consultant with over 22 years in Sales / Operations and Senior Management roles with multi national companies. He likes to work with bigger companies.

Dan Minkin

"Dan is currently Consultant and Advisor for Professional Services Firms. Prior to going out on his onw he held roles as EGM of New Zealand and EGM People Experience and Strategy at Planit Software Testing, one of the top-three pure play quality assurance companies in the world. His specialism is scaling professional services firms’ business activities and operations effectively whilst focusing on people experience and career management.
After working in the UK insurance domain, he moved across to work in consultancy, specialising in testing IT systems. Since 2004, he has worked across numerous clients and companies in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, and Australia. Dan has worked for boutique and large consultancies in the quality assurance and technology sectors, including IS Integration, AppLabs, Certeco, and Planit Testing. "

Daryl Webb

"Daryl is an experienced business leader, specialising in transformation of organisations, including preparing businesses for sale or the exit of founders; post-acquisition retooling and integration; process efficiency and automation; cost reduction; and business turnaround.

He has experienced strategic management experience across Australia, Asia, and New Zealand, covering a wide range of industries in high-growth start-ups, turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, and post-acquisition transitions.

Has deep experience across a range of industries, including Healthcare, FMCG, Import/Export, Cloud (IaaS, SaaS, Hosting, Data Centres), and Professional Services."

Darius Mistry

"Darius has over 35 years of experience working at the forefront of business and technology integration. After completing his Postgraduate in Marketing, he began his sales, marketing, and IT consulting career, working in the corporate world at Siemens, Wang, and HP. Darius later focussed on general management before becoming a shareholder at Imagetext. He has led many complex IT projects in the financial, manufacturing, airline, and legal industries during his career. Darius was also involved in establishing the first Apple dealership in Bahrain.
Having been part of Imagetext for over 25 years, Darius sees himself as both a leader and a custodian. "

David Pimblott

David has a special interest in adding value and working, with corporate and SME founder owned companies who are seeking to grow in New Zealand and who may also wish to develop international business opportunities. Coupled with the responsibilities of Board governance best practice, David’s current focus includes, supporting the implementation of company strategy, with a client and enhanced customer engagement emphasis. Strategies that will ensure structured and focused company growth in support of a defined vision and strategic goals, while preserving company culture and values.
David was a co-founder, of NorthSouth GIS (NSG) NZ, (formerly known as Explorer Graphics Ltd) one of the longest established geospatial consultancies in New Zealand. Under his direction, NSG NZ became the leading provider and one of the largest companies providing GIS implementation and development services, in New Zealand supporting specific domain activities with local and central government, and private industry. In late 2014 NSG NZ was acquired by one of Australasia's largest geospatial providers with subsidiaries also in South Africa and South East Asia.

Divya Pahwa

Divya is a partner at BDO, which provide business consultancy services to a wide range of enterprises throughout New Zealand. This advice includes financial management, strategic planning, business and tax planning, management reporting and structuring business. I work with highly engaged team providing compliance accounting and taxation services to business operating in a wide range of sectors including construction, importing/exporting, professional services, tourism, manufacturing, processing, media and retailing. She has a special interest in growing construction companies.

Herbert Sima

Dr. Herbert Sima has many years of business/marketing strategy experience. He has been working as a business/marketing strategy consultant since 2004. He is not only a business practitioner, but also a successful academia. He has been working at the University of Auckland since 2011. His research experience is in the areas of International Marketing Strategy, social media and Digital Marketing Strategy, Innovation and Emerging Market Enterprises, internationalisation, Managerial Ties, Guanxi, Export Venture, Business Models, services, stakeholder relationship marketing, high education, and Team-Based Learning. He has published his work in Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Strategic Marketing. Recently, Dr. Herbert Sima received a Certificate of Specialisation in Strategy (including Disruptive Strategy, Sustainable Business Strategy, and Strategy Execution) from Harvard Business School.

Emile Neethling

Emile is a Coaching Professional and the founder of AGT Coaching Limited. With over six years of experience in coaching, Emile has established himself as a uniquely authentic coach with lots of energy and enthusiasm that can unlock the greatness in people at all levels. His coaching environment ignites a person's growth, enabling them to realise and live their full potential.
In 2015, Emile started the coaching company Karmic Group in South Africa, quickly becoming the go-to destination for leadership and life coaching. In addition, he is a respected advisor and coach to business executives from small to medium organisations on creating and sustaining cultures that drive unlimited results.

Gareth Clarke

Gareth specialises in people, business and organisational leadership. He is passionate about leading organisational change and leading business development through the power of people. Specialties: Business Development, Operations Management, Organisational Leadership, Change Leadership, People Management, Customer Engagement, CRM Management, People Management. Previou experience included YMCA and NZ Muscle.

George Peacock

George has a background of senior management and Board level experience as well as strong track record in Sales and Staffing within technology companies. Experience in technology, software, recruitment and outsourcing businesses covering: financials, workflow, document management, database, web-hosting, HR, e-recruitment and outsourced service provision. Experience with multi-vendor projects, IT projects, channel partnerships and contract negotiation. International and New Zealand experience.

Helen Corban

Helen has an extensive background in coaching business professionals and delivering effective training to teams. She has had her own business for 24 years and has that entrepreneurial spirit with a passion to help businesses go the distance successfully. With 15 years’ experience in training time management in corporates and SMEs in NZ, Japan and Rarotonga, Helen is an expert in helping clients to be more strategic, organised and proactive. Helen uses proven tools and solid methods to make a positive change to maximise time and find solutions to grow any business. This includes helping professionals to design systems/processes that work, increase cashflow, maximise opportunities, develop leaders to lead their teams more effectively, and stay focused on what drives their role or business forward.

James Caldwell

Founder of ExpressNet (on-line supplier of machine tools and related products) and BeASella (start-up SaaS provider). Experience E-commerce mentor.

Ken Noble

Ken started G.P. Healthcare and then sold the company to invacare. He is currently the Chairman of Allied Medical, a business he started 20 years ago with his daughter Katie, who is the Managing Director. The company is involved in the distribution and customisation of assistive technology products. Key experience is with Healthcare businesses.

Kevin McDonald

Kevin worked in the Global Financial Services Industry for over 40 years and held Executive and senior roles at Barclays Bank, The UK Banking Regulator, Royal Bank of Scotland International and ASB. He has been heavily involved in providing advice to businesses covering all parts of their value chain always looking at ways to add and create value to them. He is now a Director on a number of NZ businesses.

Mark Bright

Mark's career highlights include senior marketing roles in the corporate FMCG sector and general management in the media industry and education market. Then a decade in my own business consulting practice working with corporate and SME clients. He specialises in IP, business development and organisational research. That led to a CE role heading a national NZQA registered private training entity for a further decade.

Mark Sweeney

Mark is experienced in the development and management of high performing teams in both competitive capital equipment sales environment and technical services.

Broad range of experiences based around the development of technical and scientific businesses delivering sophisticated technologies and ongoing technical support. Worked with sectors requiring robust quality and reporting systems and the requirement for uptime warrantees.

Specialties: Medical-Scientific imaging technology sales, sales management, marketing, ICT systems and process.

Mark Shi

Mark joined the Conrad Group in 2015 with over 12 years’ experience in the Banking and Finance Industries. Mark combines his wealth of financial experience with his immense knowledge in the real estate Asian market to outline key business opportunities. Mark over time has transitioned into the hydrogen development team where he partners up with our technical specialist team of hydrologists, geologists, volcanologists and other key specialists to deliver company objectives.

Matt Crockett

Mark is a Senior executive with deep experience in business turnaround and transformation, digital enablement, strategy, new business building, operational improvement, health and safety leadership, and organising for performance.

Industry experience includes Technology (telecommunications and IT, hardware and software, digital enablement), Media, eCommerce and Industrial and Consumer Goods (including metals and mining, construction materials, pulp and paper, agribusiness, and broader infrastructure).

Experienced company director with governance experience across multiple companies, foundations and industries.

Nalin Wijetilleke

Is the Managing Director & Principal Consultant at CONTINUITYNZ Ltd. As a multi-award winner and a Business Continuity/Business Resilience Professional with an outstanding track record of impressive implementations. With over three decades of international industry experience, he has supported numerous organisations in their business resilience journey.
Speciality includes Business Continuity Management Systems, Information Security Management Systems, NZ Reserve Bank BS11 Compliance Requirements, Data Privacy and Protection compliance, NZ Privacy Act 2020, Crisis Management system and Pandemic plans.

Nicholas Howarth

Nicolas is an International Business Specialist and has his own Consultancy Company. Prior to this Nicolas was at Trutest Ltd as the International Market Manager.

Paul McGrath

Paul's background has been working in the IT industry. The specific areas were Engineering, Sales, Logistics and Management. He owned his own IT business for 23 years and have sold it recently.

Patricia Mitchell

As founder, innovator and disruptor of a SME health and wellbeing focussed business since 2013, I have the commercial and business acumen to ensure strong organisational performance is achieved.
My executive, business and governance experience have a breadth and depth across the Health Sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. I hold expertise across strategy development and delivery, leadership and culture, including emotional and communication agility and health and wellbeing expertise. I confidently describe myself as a generalist in governance with specialist expertise in Health and Wellbeing, Health and Safety and People and Culture.

Rahul Rai

Rahul has over 35 years of experience managing and leading hotels around the world.

Rakesh Chopra

Rakesh expertise is in Governance, Strategy, Policy development, Recruitment, Credit, Investments & Commercial Lending.

- Governance
- Credit risk management
- Emerging market investments
- Business & financial analysis, Planning
- BPR, CSR,Recruitment
- Team Building and Mentoring
- Customer Relationship Management.

Industry/Domains - Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Education, Software development, Pharma, Tourism, Maritime.

Richard Cuthbert

Richard is an experienced company director, business leader and advisor. He works alongside business owners and management teams, particularly of SMEs, advising and implementing change in the areas of governance, strategic business development, organisational design, operations and succession planning. Business improvement is the desired outcome, including where appropriate, bringing companies to a "sale-ready" status and/or managing shareholder exit and succession.

Rishabh Kapoor

Rishabh is currently the CEO at Impression Real Estate Ltd. But has been involved in other companies, running HR, Strategy, Change and Growth. He likes to help develop brands.

Rod Fulford

Rod has a background in engineering services and owned a business in that area. Since selling that company, I have limited my commercial activities to part time to permit involvement in a range of optional and leisure activities. Is the Executive Director of Precast NZ Inc and represent the industry on boards and committees, Shareholder and director of several small companies contributing advice, support and mentoring. As Company Director with governance, leadership, strategic and product development roles, he was directly responsible for all management, technical, engineering, tendering, contractual, financial, personnel and other day to day issues.

Ron Lal

Ron has over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, NGO, governmental and corporate sectors. He believes that Design Thinking can create impact and drive innovation across every sector of the business. He has used Design Thinking to identify new customer segments for failing businesses, resulting in producing 7-figure business results, and helping them increase ROI by focusing on Customer Experience Design. On several occasions, he has worked with business leaders to help solve some complex issues in their business.

He is passionate about creating impactful businesses by working focusing on the Human Experience, Business needs, and Sustainability.

Ross Archer

Ross is the Managing Director of Playco which provides Planning, design, and construction management services to deliver your commercial playground to plan and budget.

Scott Russ

Scott has over 40 years of personal work experience in distribution businesses. Scott has been a volunteer mentor since 2013 and has helped businesses with business strategy, marketing, sales, finance and accounting and operations across a wide range of industry types.

Sean Foster

Sean is a business coach and likes working with companies to scale and grow. He owns his on SME management software ( A good match with Seans skills is service/trade/manufacturing/B2B type.

Stewart Kearney

Stewart is the founder of Good for Business. Stewart offers trusted business, budgeting, and forecasting advice to business owners and entrepreneurs, who operate in the 'Creative' sectors of hospitality, consumer retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing.

He built a successful career as a Chief Financial Officer in some of New Zealand’s leading companies before founding Good for Business. A recognised industry keynote speaker and presenter, Stewart's expertise and focus are on building a business owner's skills, identifying key industry measures, and providing tools to grow a successful, nimble, and profitable business.

Susan Robinson-Derus

Susan leads a boutique communication, storytelling, marketing and branding agency focused on helping people nail who they are, what value they add, and why they matter to whom to build reputation, preference and profits across every point where they can meet their audiences or create an experience that influences purchase.

Tibor Mackor

"Tibor is the owner of Better Business Strategies. He has over 20 years business leadership experience. During which time I have developed my abilities through advising a diverse range of businesses, including co-operatives and private companies in South Africa, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

My background also includes:

- Project management experience
- CEO and General Manager of a chartered accounting practice
- Strategic Planning
- Business affairs specialist
- Presentation and speaking experience
- Influencer and networker in the private sector
- Established governance credentials
- 5+ years sitting on Boards

Timothy Hornibrook

Timothy is the founder of the Cosmetic Clinic. He is an experienced board director and senior executive. Former Exec Director of MacQuarire Group, Co founder of Macquarie Agricultural Funds mngment, Lawson grains, Harris Dairies, Australia.

Tony Lambert

Tony provide management assistance, mentoring and a person to talk to, to small and medium businesses. Previously background with Compaq computer as the Sales and Marketing Manager, as well as the Italian Film Festival.

Trevor Stafford

Trevor’s activities as strategic business coach and mentor stems from his trained and experiential background across industries.
His initial career was in defence with maritime operations. His secondary career was forged with a combination of senior management roles in transport organisations of over 3000 staff, to operating as an independent consultant problem solving in large and small operations. This spread brings a host of tools and techniques to business problem solving situations.
He operates with a diagnostic solution focused viewpoint, this is especially valuable to clients who have found themselves operating very close to the ‘coalface’. This approach complemented his pursuit of quality management as a lead auditor, being qualified initially with BSI and building further with IMT and The IQM Group.
A passion is management training and upskilling people with new knowledge skills and techniques to problem solve within their businesses. He is qualified to both Project Management Professional standards, NLP Practitioner and is an ISO Lead Auditor. He also holds a degree in Systems Analysis and Management and has past governance and directorship roles in the Tourism, Training, ISO Certifications and Consulting industries.

Varun Gupta

Varun is currently the Manager of Tax Professionals Ltd. Varun has strong business and financial skills which have helped our clients to find effective and dynamic solutions to their taxation, business investment, financial accounting and management issues.

Vijay Nyayapati

After spending nearly 30 years successfully starting and growing various businesses in two different countries, Vijay started T4E Limited to mentor and help other established business owners become from good to great.

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