Doing business in New Zealand

A local’s guide for those who aren’t so local.

Thinking about exporting to New Zealand? Whether you’re making a few online sales or are wondering if you should set up a business here, we can help you understand how doing business in New Zealand works.

New Zealand laws

New Zealand regulatory requirements

New Zealand tax requirements

Selling Direct: Online Sales

Selling Direct: Importers

Appointing a sales agent

Establishing a sales team or office

New Zealand Laws

Goods sold to consumers domiciled in New Zealand (including online by overseas companies) are subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and Fair Trading Act 1996.

Overviews of each Act’s provisions and seller’s obligations can be found in:

NZ Regulations

New Zealand Regulatory Requirements

To tell you everything you need to know about our regulatory requirements, take a look at the links below.  Depending on your product there may be additional regulations to consider or registrations required.

New Zealand Tax Requirements

Exporters selling low-value items online to buyers in New Zealand (less than NZ$1000 per consignment), with total sales in excess of NZ$60,000 per annum in a 12 month period, are required to be registered for GST in New Zealand.

For detailed information regarding registration, GST collection and payment:

NZ Tax requirements
Online sales

Selling Direct: Online Sales

Selling goods to consumers located in New Zealand via the internet makes exporting accessible and may be seen as a ‘first step’ to exporting, or be used to ‘test consumer response’ to a product. Before beginning, there are New Zealand laws and regulations to understand and consider. Main New Zealand online selling platforms – seller information:

Selling Direct: Importers

Check your trade terms comply with internationally recognised INCOTERMS® 2020, available now.

Check your sales agreement with the ICC template to ensure you have everything covered.


Appointing an agent for the NZ market

It is important to make sure that a ‘handshake’ is backed by a written agreement. Benefit from the expertise of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) legal team and use their templates to draft your agency agreement. Remember to check with your legal advisor prior to finalising the agreement.

Click here to view the current contract templates that are available

Establishing a sales team or office

Are you looking to establish a sales representative or branch in New Zealand? Follow these links to set your team up for success.

Set up in New Zealand, successfully.