Import and Export Support

Trading internationally takes tenacity. To help navigate the challenges that developing and maintaining offshore business brings, our team of specialists are here to offer guidance and help.

Here are just a few of the ways, we can support your business today:

  • Made a sale or found an agent? Use our ICC contract templates and INCOTERMS® reference guides to simplify the process. Our team provide a quick and easy document certification service for letters of origin.
  • Want to connect with businesses visiting from overseas? We host international delegations and can put you in touch with visiting companies that are looking for New Zealand business contacts.
  • Visiting from overseas? If you want to do business here, we can help you understand the Auckland market and connect you with local business owners.

Letters of Introduction

Thinking of entering a new market? A letter of introduction from the Auckland Business Chamber will smooth your path by assuring offshore contacts that your business is genuine. A letter of introduction is a highly credible reference that carries weight around the world.

To apply for a letter of introduction, please send us an email. 

Please note; this service is exclusive to members of the Chamber, only.

New Zealand Customs Updates

Small to medium businesses in New Zealand are being encouraged to participate in the Secure Exports Scheme (SES).

Set up in 2004, the SES was founded by the New Zealand Customs (NZCS) Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and was established to help New Zealand exporters minimise international border Customs delays and get priority in recovering from trade disruptions. Now, NZCS is actively encouraging SMEs to join the programme. To find out the benefits and commitment required click here to find out more.

Watch as CEO, Michael Barnett discusses the SES with NZ Customs representative, Peter Lewis.

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