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International Trade Hub

Sending your business, around the world.

Since 1856, the Auckland Business Chamber has represented the interests of importers and exporters, addressing issues that impact the free flow of trade, in recognition that the Auckland economy is dependent on international trade.

165 years on, residual COVID related supply chain disruptions and destruction from major weather events have significantly increased the challenge for businesses trading internationally. To assist you and your business in navigating these challenges, our experts have compiled the latest up-to-date information that you’ll need to succeed.

We hope you enjoy exploring the resources we’ve created for you.

Export Documentation

Import and Export Advice

Trade Fairs and Delegations

Events and Conferences

Business Councils

Business Councils

Get help building relationships in foreign markets and join others sharing the same journey. These Business Councils and organisations provide cooperative forums to resolve market issues, foster personal contacts with government agencies and build commercial contacts.

Market Focus

Market Focus is where we help you navigate international waters by providing the latest Market-specific updates and information.

Find out how you can successfully trade with some of New Zealand’s largest markets and get up-to-date information on the likes of Egypt Customs changes, EU, UK & US access, Trans-Tasman Trade and the China Business Summit.

Free Trade Agreement

Free Trade Agreements

Are you exporting NZ produced goods? Here you can find resources that will show you how you can benefit from the provisions of New Zealand’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs.), including;

  • Product Specific Rules
  • Certificate of Origin and Declaration of Origin templates
  • Tariff finder
  • FTA texts

Need help? Our documentation specialists are also on standby to assist.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Publications

Getting it ‘right the first time’ will save you time and money. Make sure you do, by referring to ICC internationally recognised Rules and Guides or using the ICC model templates when setting up new contracts.

ICC publications are all drafted and reviewed by publication panels of experts from around the world, so you can be confident you’re getting the best information possible.

Send your business, around the world

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