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Financial Wellbeing

presented by First Steps in partnership with the Auckland Business Chamber and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

First Steps to Financial Wellness Series

Get ready to learn mortgage basics, cash flow management, your KiwiSaver, and how to become retirement ready in this 4 part series presented by John Schell of SurePlan Financial.

Who is SurePlan?
SurePlan are not just financial advisors, They are your partners in success. Their team of seasoned professionals has a proven track record of driving results, aiding clients to pay off mortgages faster, amass wealth through intelligent investing, safeguard their fortunes with prudent estate planning, and ultimately, lead the life they and their loved ones truly deserve.

The “First Steps to Financial Wellness” series is designed to empower you to take firm, confident steps towards financial independence.  There are four complimentary sessions that will arm you with the knowledge and skills to master your mortgage, manage your cash-flow successfully, optimise your KiwiSaver, and adequately prepare for your retirement.

Take a look at our upcoming sessions below, and register now to secure your place and be ready to navigate your financial journey with ease.

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Master your Mortgage

Check your understanding of the building blocks of mortgages, extend your knowledge of different loan structures and products, and find out what strategies are being employed by people who pay their loans off years ahead of schedule and save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.


Managing your Cash-Flow Successfully

Perform a self-check on how well you are doing the basics. You will find out what traits are the foundation of success and learn the two systems that guarantee you can successfully hit your spending goals.


Making sure your KiwiSaver is working for you

Check your understanding of risk, return and fund construction. You will identify which type of fund you should be invested in, and why, and then how you can use this information to make sure you are getting the best return in the market on your invested money.  You will also find out the three key mistakes that can be devastating to your KiwiSaver balance at retirement.


Being retirement ready

Gain an understanding of what a realistic retirement could look like for you. How striking the balance of living life up to and past retirement is often something people have trouble with.  And, what else other than the money is important in making retirement choices. 


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