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Check out our resources, they can help
you with building your own CV
or preparing for an interview.

Our resources

Whether you have just started looking for employment or you’ve had multiple jobs in the past our resource will help you no matter where you are in your job search journey.

Utilise our free resources to help you write your cover letter, prepare for an interview, and more.  These resources will help you feel confident and ready to start applying for jobs.

Our Resources

Dowload 'A step-by-step guide for building your CV'
Download 'Explaining career gaps in your CV'
Wach 'Interview Skills with Leah Gates'
Download 'Taking a professional photo with your smartphone'
Download 'Tips for applying for jobs'

Submit to an expert

When you’ve finished building your CV, you can send it to one of our experts and they’ll review it on your behalf.  This is a great way to ensure your CV and Cover Letter is ready to be placed in front of an expert and give you the confidence to start applying for jobs.

Access our templates

Whether you’re new to employment or have had multiple roles, you can download and use one of our CV and Cover Letter templates.

The outcome will be a professional-looking CV that you can create to fit your personality.  Once you’ve finished creating your CV submit it to our experts for feedback.

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