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Need some Free Brains?

About the Free Brains Programme

The Free Brains programme offered by Massey University Business School is an exclusive initiative for members of the Auckland Business Chamber. With the challenges facing businesses this year, any opportunity to explore new avenues for creating value can be incredibly valuable.

The programme is led by Professor Dr Jens Mueller and involves Massey Business School MBA students with extensive global work experience. These students are available to work on management projects for your business, ranging from strategic growth, business expansion or global development to governance structure and management.

Free Brains students can help your business sort out projects, find direction on priorities and execution, and provide expertise from different industries.

The duration of the programme ranges from 8 weeks to 4 months, depending on the project’s needs. Additionally, you can receive further support through Chamber Mentors.

Free Brains is an excellent opportunity for businesses to gain access to talented and experienced MBA students who provide valuable insights and assistance with various business management projects.

Take advantage of this programme to enhance your business’s growth and development.

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